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This would not be surprising if this boy also did not have an allergy to insulin, injections of which he needs for treatment. Doctors are still trying to find an effective method of treating a child, because injections of this hormone cause numerous bruises and even muscle collapse.

For a while, doctors tried to give Taylor infusions of insulin through a drip, but this also caused allergic reactions. Now his parents, Gemma Westwall and Scott Banks, have brought the child to the famous Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, whose doctors they place their last hope on.

However, in children it is the most common form of diabetes caused by genetics. Type 2 diabetes is often the result of an unhealthy lifestyle and obesity, and in this case insulin injections are not always required. Allergy to insulin is an extremely rare occurrence, which makes it very difficult to treat such patients. London doctors will now have to figure out how Taylor can get the hormone he needs without suffering from allergy attacks.



  • Immediate type - manifests itself 15-30 minutes after the injection, manifests itself as a reaction at the injection site in the form of a rash. slow type. It manifests itself in the form of the formation of subcutaneous infiltrates, manifests itself 20-35 hours after the administration of insulin.

    Nicole Howland
  • It should be noted that the reaction can have varying degrees of severity. The development of Quincke's edema is not excluded. Reactions can be divided according to the nature of their occurrence: It is worth noting that a local type reaction may occur due to improper administration of the component.